Founded by Dominique, Maiden Lane was the culmination of years of experience as a freelance Graphic Designer and Content Creator. After working successfully with high-end fashion and culture-based brands, Dominique started to notice a gap in the market.

It was during a long-waiting time at Sydney airport that Dominique noticed a recurring question in her emails. Not only was she being inundated with company interest, but the interest was not just for her design expertise, it was for every facet of her over-all vision.

Dominique started by working with a small group of businesses that showed innovative drive. From there, she hand-picked creative professionals based on what each company needed and eventually tailored her team to the best-quality copy, PR and marketing professionals, all specialising in the language of business success. Thus, Maiden Lane was born.

Now, Dominique is the authority on industry-based design and has taken Maiden Lane from a simple idea, to a growing business. 



PGA went through the Maiden Lane process as part of a full re-brand and website development project. We highly recommend it to other businesses. The end result was a clearly defined re-brand that fitted with the vision, mission and structure of the business which has been the stepping stone to a thriving client base.

The money and time we have spend with Maiden Lane is well worth it, and PGA continue to do so as a clear ROI is always being achieved. In fact, we don’t see it as a spend, but rather as an investment.
— Trent McKendrick // Property Guide Australia
It’s rare to come across talent like Dom’s. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her for several years at Scent Australia over many design projects.
I’m particularly impressed by her unwavering high standards she delivers projects to. She’s also an absolute pleasure to work with. As a design asset Dom earns my highest recommendation.
— Andrew O'Keefe // Scent Australia
Dom played a invaluable role in the design and reconfiguration of our companies marketing, Dom was quick to identify where we needed to update our public image and also expand our content. The quality of work went above and beyond our expectations and was always on time. We now use Maiden Lane for all our projects in the future. I highly recommend all businesses to explore the opportunity to work with Maiden Lane.
— Alexander Martin // Maxx Pro Solutions